– Origin of Our Products and Distribution

We print and ship our counterfeit banknotes mainly from the United States but we have sub branches in Europe, Asia and Africa for easy distribution of our products. We ship our products national and internationally and we have a professional team that packages our products very discreetly and securely, also we disguise the packages that are already discreetly packaged before shipping them out.

– Prices of Our Undetectable Counterfeit Bank Notes

Our rates are 10% the total amount you are interested in ordering. We try to keep our prices as affordable as possible for the quality of products we bring to the market and for higher orders you get discounts and free shipping.

- How To Make an Order

We have few ways you can make a discreet order on our site. Use whichever that is more convenient for you from the listed below.

  • Send an Inquiry from the contact form on the site, make sure you include the currency and amount you are interested in ordering.
  • Contact the live-chat agent on the site to take your order for you.
  • Send an Inquiry via WhatsApp

Once we get your inquiry, we will immediately reply you with our price list. And once your order is confirmed you will receive an email with your order number.

- What Happens if Delivery is Unsuccessful or The product is bad/not as expected.

We have a 100% refund policy on failed delivery, and for items that are not up to your taste you can send back for a full refund.

NB: All the refunds are excluding shipping fee.