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Black Money Cleaning Machine

We provide all the materials (including Machine, Chemicals, Salts, and Powders) for cleaning anti breeze, defaced banknotes. The machine for processing huge amounts can be made available on customer’s demand. We also have stock of the different chemicals, salts, powders and all other materials relative to cleaning defaced banknotes (all colors).

Buy SSD Chemical Solution Online

Buy SSD Chemical Solution Online SSD chemical solution for cleaning black and deface money, We are Authorized Suppliers of SSD

SSD Activation Powder

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SSD Chemical Solution and Activation Powder for sale ? To enable the perfect Cleaning of Diced Burst Money (Currencies), SSD Solution and Activation Powder; Humine Anti-Virus ssd powder and activation powder formula, Best SSD De-icing Compound Powder to Clean dirty Notes. Therefore Kindly contact us below for some of powder grade “A” SSD solution products that we supply.


SSD MERCURY CHEMICAL is a highly alkaline industrial detergent and cleaning agent available during a concentrated powdery form. MERCURY POWDER is scientifically formulated for the effective cleaning and removal of paints from surface of any black notes.Its a technically advanced industrial cleaning product that features a detergent type action, penetrating the surface…