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Buy Undetectable Counterfeit Money and SSD Chemical Solution Online

Welcome to SSD Notes Plug the most effective and trusted producers of undetectable counterfeit money. The truth is that you’ll never know if a banknote you’re given in a supermarket or anywhere else is real or a fake one. The same goes for our bills. Be sure that our notes look 100% authentic and are created abiding by all the necessary standards: front-rank technologies, high-end materials, and the latest etching methods.

For many years, we have been producing, selling, and distributing fake bills for sale to myriad customers all over the world. Our counterfeit money circulates the globe, passing different light detector tests and manipulating the most scrupulous bank officials. During these years, we have made thousands of people prosperous and happy, and now it’s your turn to bring all your dreams into reality. So, just go ahead and get your fake notes in a few clicks. Our notes can be used anywhere. Banks, ATMs, Casinos, Super Markets etc. 100% undetectable bills






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Undetectable Counterfeit Money for Sale | Buy With Confidence and Use Boldly

Counterfeiting money is not about using Photoshop tricks or an expensive laser printer. It’s an art that requires years of practice and precision. We have built a team of experts who know their job very well. If you are looking to order fake money from us, you can rest assured we meticulously design each individual feature of a banknote. A few critical elements include:

  • – Paper quality: Some countries still use cotton paper for minting banknotes, while others have started using polymer paper as well. So we have this information available on our hands to make sure this is not messed up.
  • – Watermark: Every country has its own symbolic image represented on its currency in varying shades. We replicate it exactly the way it is.
  • – Intaglio printing: This is probably the most critical security feature of any banknote, characterised by rich colours and tactile features. When you run your fingers across the note, you can feel the raised print.
  • – Security thread: You can see a thin ribbon running vertically across the note and appearing as a solid thread when held against the light.
  • – Microtext: Visible under a magnifying glass, it contains necessary information such as the issuing authority or the denomination value
We have a variety of widely used counterfeit currencies for sale worldwide. These are our all time top selling counterfeit banknotes.


US Dollar (USD)

Buy Counterfeit US Dollar Banknotes Online.

Pound Sterling (GBP)

Buy Counterfeit UK Pound Banknotes Online.

Canadian Dollar (CAD)

Buy Counterfeit Canadian Dollar Banknotes Online.

Australian Dollar (AUD)

Buy Counterfeit Australia Dollar Banknotes Online.

European Euro (EUR)

Buy Counterfeit European Euro Banknotes Online.

UAE Dirhams (AED)

Buy Counterfeit UAE Dirhams Banknotes Online.

undetectable counterfeit euros

Few Reasons why you should purchase from us

money back

Money Back Guarantee & Refund Policy

We want to ensure that our clients are 100% happy with their purchase. However, if you feel the product(s) you purchased are not the best fit for your requirements do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible so we can resolve the issue by refunds or reshipping the product(s)


Top Quality Undetectable Bills For Sale

Purchasing from us, you are assured of the best quality counterfeit bills for sale, we have a team of experts who know their job very well, who design each individual feature of a banknote exactly like the real bill.


Discreet and very secure delivery

For many years, we have been producing, selling, and distributing fake bills to myriad customers all over the world without any issues, because we pay great attention to the production and distribution of our goods discreetly and very securely.

200x100 (Width x Height)

Buy SSD Chemical Solution Online.

SSD chemical solution for cleaning black and deface money. We are authorized suppliers of SSD chemicals and we are perfect in the development and cleaning of black  currencies with SSD chemical solution, deface currencies such as black dollar, euro and pounds operated by worldwide science associates. Our company have followed a path of continue expansion and now has offices in different countries, from these locations we are able to offer our services worldwide using the latest SSD chemical solution and nanotechnology in cleaning defaced or black banknote and in the manufacturing of latest automatic SSD chemical solution for carrying out the effective cleaning of black banknote from its defaced state to its original color. We are professionals in black money cleaning, activation powder, mercury powder and other SSD chemical solution products. We are the major SSD solution suppliers in Europe for black dollar cleaning, black money cleaning and we have in stock, 100% concentrated SSD solution for sale and our SSD solution price is affordable based on company rates.

Recent review from our customer

“I heard about you guys from a friend, I thought he was joking. but I decided to give it a try and I did. My order came straight to the address I provided and the quality of money was just perfect. All the features are good and it passes all machine tests. The money was Undetectable and looked so real, it really helped to solve my financial problems. So thankful I met you guys on time and for sure will be ordering again soon.”